About Campfire Canopy

Campfire Canopy Fire Shelter

About Camfire Canopy

I am a Navy Veteran, Aircraft Mechanic and an avid camper that had several outdoor events ruined by inclement weather, for this reason I created the Campfire Canopy.  It shelters the user and allows them to enjoy the fire no matter what.  As an aircraft mechanic I have acquired an important understanding of attention to detail and utilized this to make sure nothing was left out during the design phase.  Being a veteran I felt it was important everything was made in America and specifically Michigan where the weather changes rapidly.  The Campfire Canopy isn’t just another portable shelter it is a well thought out, durable canopy that will last for years when cared for properly.  Don’t be fooled by those cheap quick shelters that typically don’t last a summer. 

Can you  have a portable shelter over a fire? YES!

The Campfire Canopy is the first patented fire shelter and revolutionized the way you enjoy a campfire.  From the ease of maintenance and set up to the use of high quality material this canopy will allow you to enjoy its features for years.  The high quality aluminum alloy frame allows for a light weight, sturdy structure that is easy to clean and assemble.  The industrial grade material used for the top is water proof and fire-retardant with a carefully designed opening to allow smoke to escape giving it a unique ability to be placed over a fire safely.  The canopy is also large enough to accommodate a big group or small enough to keep a small family dry.  It measures over 14 feet square and dwarfs most other canopies on the market.  Along with being a shelter from rain, snow and sleet it can shelter you from the sun on that hot summer day.  When you are all done revolutionizing your camping experience your canopy can be stowed away in 2 bags that will easily fit in the trunk of a midsize car. 

Can you cook under a tarp? Yes you can with Campfire Canopy.


-Over 14feet square (14.5 to be exact)

-Aluminum alloy frame

-Water proof and fire retardant material for the top, made of high quality material

-Allows smoke to escape from the hole in the top

Benefits Over Competitor

-Higher quality material

-Significantly bigger

-Not just another portable shelter, superior construction

-Last longer

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Campfire Canopy Fire Shelter

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